Sundays at Four:

Our Sunday afternoon four o’clock services resume October 15th. As this is a third Sunday of the month, the liturgy on that afternoon will be a Celtic Eucharist. On October 22nd, the service will be a Book of Common Prayer Evensong and, as October 29th is a fifth Sunday of the month, we will celebrate on that day with a Jazz Vespers. Sundays at Four run from mid-October until late April with the odd service here and there cancelled, usually due to holidays and/or special worship services. Please check the Sunday bulletin and/or the website for a reminder of what each week’s liturgy will be.

Sunday Nights at Nine:

On October 15th and continuing through April, our Sunday worship will once again be enhanced each week by a service of Compline at 9:00 pm ** 9pm Compline is on the FIRST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH ONLY***. A contemplative service with music, Compline is the final church service in the Christian tradition of canonical hours. The liturgy is intended to be a contemplative one that emphasizes spiritual peace. The cathedral service, approximately half an hour, includes prayers, music, candlelight and incense.