Pastoral Care at St. Michael & All Angels

There are a number of ways in which pastoral care takes place at the Cathedral.

  • Both the Dean and the Associate Priest handle on-going and emergency needs
  • Members of a lay pastoral care team visit in the hospital at the beginning and end of each week; they alert the clergy regarding who is in hospital and the clergy in turn visit as required or requested
  • Both laity and retired clergy carry out regular home visits and home communions for those who are shut-in; a number of communion services are carried out on a regular basis in several of the many seniors’ homes in Kelowna
  • General counseling and spiritual care is available from the Dean; referrals may be made for particular needs beyond the scope of such general counseling and spiritual care
  • The Dean offers home visits to newcomers as and when this is desired or requested


In line with the tradition of the church, baptism generally takes place during the 10:00 am service on Sunday morning on four festivals: The Baptism of Jesus in early January, Easter Eve or the first Sunday after Easter, Pentecost, in May or June, and All Saints Day, on or near November 1. Another more contemporary holiday when baptism is celebrated at the Cathedral is Thanksgiving.
Prior to receiving baptism either for oneself or one’s children, adults participate in a series of baptism preparation classes in which they are able to learn how this sacrament functions in the church and what being baptized will mean for them and/or for their children.


In the Anglican Church, marriage is considered a sacrament. This sacrament is performed at the Cathedral for members and non-members alike. The marriage rite is always taken from the Anglican Book of Alternative Services and is carried out by the Dean or at times by one of the other priests at the Cathedral. There are a number of expectations of a couple if they wish to be married at St. Michael’s; among these is three or four meetings with the Dean prior to the wedding, certification that some form of Marriage Preparation has taken place, and assurance that at least one of the people to be married is baptized. For more details and the costs involved in having your wedding at the Cathedral, please contact the church office.


Please contact the church office if someone you know has died and you would like to the funeral to take place at the Cathedral. You do not have to be a member to have your funeral or that of a loved one carried out here.

Columbarium and Memorial Garden

The Cathedral has its own Columbarium situated on Richter Street, a part of the beautiful gardens surrounding St. Michael’s. Niches for the interment of ashes in this Columbarium are available for purchase. As well as this, there is a Memorial Garden on Sutherland Avenue where ashes may also be interred. Please contact the church office for information regarding either the Columbarium or the Memorial Garden.