Once again, we’re hoping that cathedral parishioners will participate in our Lenten Coffee Cup Campaign. Each year, the money raised is directed to an outreach project. This year, we will support the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF), with the money earmarked for the purchase of a bore well in Tanzania. Bore wells not only ensure a community will have clean drinking water but that girls and women will not spend hours each day collecting it. This means that girls are able to take this time to go to school. Our goal for the Lent 2018 Coffee Cup Campaign is to raise $2,000 towards a bore well. Because every dollar donated is matched by $6 from Global Affairs Canada, a successful $2,000 campaign will provide the $14,000 needed to build one community’s bore well. Beginning next Sunday, forms and coffee cups will be available in the Tinker Room after both services. Please consider a donation to this important project as part of your Lenten commitment. Thank you.