Midrash: Reading the Bible with Question Marks

“The ancient rabbis believed that the Torah was divinely revealed and therefore contained eternal truths and multitudinous hidden meanings. Not a single word was considered haphazard or inconsequential. This understanding of how scripture relates to all of life is the fertile ground from which Midrash emerged….you will never read the Bible the same way again!” For this study, we will be reading Midrash: Reading the Bible with Question Marks by author and Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso and looking at how scripture helps us tell the stories of our lives.

We begin on February 20 and 21; each of the five sessions will be an hour and a half: 7:00 — 8:30 pm on Tuesdays and 9:00 — 10:30 am on Wednesdays. A sign up sheet is available at the entrance to the church. The cost of the book is approximately $17. Please sign up as soon as possible in order for us to order the books in time for the beginning of the study.