The Guild of St. Monnica

The Liturgical Arts Guild of St. Michael and All Angels

The Guild was formed in 1979 at the request of the clergy of the day. It was created under the auspices of a New Horizons Grant from the Federal Government, with eleven charter Members. The only surviving charter member is Vivian Lawrence, who now resides in Salmon Arm. The aim of the Guild was to learn and teach new methods while preserving and honouring the traditional needle arts.

In the early years, knowledgeable people were brought in for workshops, and later some of our members traveled to other parishes in the Diocese to teach banner making and the making and care of altar linens.

Although most people in the parish are familiar with us because of our banner making, we have done and continue to do much more. Over the years we have made altar linens, clerical vestments, baptismal banners, altar hangings and two sets of needlepoint kneelers. Part of our work is to keep these in good repair and replace them when necessary.
We started in a large space in the old hall, moved to a member’s home when that hall was torn down, and are now located in the vestry. Our space is much smaller than before, but we have managed to produce, since our move “home”, two Easter banners (to complete a set of four) and a child-oriented Christmas banner. We are presently working on two Advent banners and are about to start on a new set of white altar hangings.