St Michael’s Cathedral presented “Oh What A Night” adapted from Rachel Mann’s Christmas play in “Hay & Stardust”. This light-hearted version of the nativity had a serious intent with a double cast; children playing the traditional nativity story and the youth & adult cast playing the contemporary theme.

Narrator: Norene Morrow

Voice of the Angel Gabriel: Matt Hill

Children’s Cast:

Mary played by Emma Knierim, Joseph played by Vivien Pridham, Innkeeper played by Sean Conway, Shepherds played by Kevin Conway & Ellie Oates, Angels played by Jessica Hardy and Rosemary Adamson

Youth & Adult Cast:

Mary played by Priscilla Vaddadi , Joseph played by Eavan Palmer, Stan played by Blake Dean, Helen played by Sue Palmer, Townsfolk & Revelers played by Samantha Conway, Teaghan Atkins, Colin Conway, Aidan McLane, Nicholas Hardy, Charlotte Hardy

Crew: Samantha Conway, Teaghan  Atkins, Adam Palmer, Nicholas Hardy

Special thank you to:

Brian McGovern for sound & lighting, Jennifer Macdonald our stage Mom, Blake Dean and our wonderful men’s group for putting our stage together and our custodial team Janet, Mark and Oliver for cleaning up after us!

Director: Matt Hill