With regard to Christmas Eve, we are proceeding with the “acting out” of Kate DiCamillo’s picture book: Great Joy.  You can have a little peak inside the book here:
I know many of you will be away on the 24th.  However, both for the sake of “rehearsing” the story and for those who will be away on the 24th, we will do an enactment during church school on the 17th.   This way, we’ll get to involve as many kids as possible.  It’s a really lovely story.  (Also, Stu Richardson – one of our parishioners has agreed to play the part of the older gentleman in the story. Yahoo!)
I hope to have the children don a simple costume element in order to feel like they’re really in the story.  So, though Shea McLean is helping to craft some of the costume pieces, if you have wings, or a sheep-like costume, or good ol’ bathrobes and shepherd crooks, could we borrow them?  I commit to looking after them and if I don’t, I’ll replace whatever it is.
One last request, if you know that you will be at the 4pm or 7pm service and feel like you might be able to do the Advent reading and candle lighting (this year the 4th Sunday of Advent is also Christmas Eve!), then would you let me know.  I included the parents of youth in this email because anyone under the age of 20-something would be a great fit to read and/or light!  I will slot you in.
I am going to leave you with a slightly amusing and yet, heartfelt video for Advent.  Last week we spoke in Church School about Advent being for watching.  Looking and listening, watching and waiting.  I found this…and thought it might be an encouragement for some of you.  Surely I’m too far into the month to “just be”, as Doyle Melton suggests.  But there is something inviting about remembering that this season is meant for us to wait on what might be birthed in us….
I hope it gets you wondering….

Check out this great video from The Work of the People:

http://www.theworkofthepeople.com/be-still-and-look       (just copy and paste the link in your browser)

AND…If you can look beyond this current season and into January, there will be a parish party on January 6th to celebrate Epiphany! We will gather in the late afternoon for some crafts/activities, then enjoy a simple supper and finish with a story and blessing for the children. Details will follow, but do set the date aside. Please speak with Amber if you’d like to help or would like more information.


Peace to you all….


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