We have had a good summer in church school with a small cohort joining us every week.  Julie Haasdyk, a St. Michael’s parishioner has often joined in on Sunday mornings to help us out and Teaghan Atkins a UVIC student who is home for the summer has been the substitute teacher when I have been away.
We have church school this coming Sunday morning, but the following week there will be no church school as it is the long weekend (August 6th) .
On August 26th there will be a daytime gathering for the St. Michael’s Sr. Youth (ages 15-18) and on September 9th an afternoon gathering for St. Michael’s Jr. Youth (ages 11-14).  I will send out the details for those dates closer to the actual dates.
On September 10th, my hope is to kick off the Church School year with provisions for not only school aged children, but also pre-school aged children.  If you are interested in being on a volunteer rotation to help out with children aged 1-4 on Sundaymornings, please let me know.  I would like to organize those interested in this way through the Fall months before the Fall begins to ensure this is viable.
On that same morning, I would like to host a brief meeting following the service to speak to the hopes and expectations for St. Michael’s Children, Youth and Families for the year to come.  I have some thoughts and expectations I’d like to share with you and would appreciate hearing from you what thoughts and expectations you have.  I hope you’ll join us if you are able.
Lastly, Bev Krakau is organizing this year’s St. Michael’s Festival for Sunday, September 24th.  I am offering her my assistance.  My hope is that we can use the Festival as an opportunity for families to further make connections with one another, for the children, youth and adults to interact socially on a Sunday morning, and for the parish to see what we’ve been up to in Church School.  We will have a Church School Art Gallery and I’m hoping some of the older children and youth would be willing to have a face painting and/or henna station.  The possibilities are many!  If you would like to help out, please let me know.
In the meantime, I hope you and yours are enjoying this hot summer weather.
Peace be with you,
Amber Webster Kotak
Faith Formation Co-ordinator, St. Michael’s and All Angels