Toddler Room:
I am so pleased to announce that this Sunday will see the return of our Toddler Room.  There are a few volunteers who have offered themselves during the 10 am service for “Play and Pray”.  On Sunday mornings, those children aged 1yr. through 4 yrs. are welcome to come out of the service for a bit of story, song, a wee bit of prayer and of course play!  There will be play dough and other small crafts through the weeks, toys, maybe some games with the big kids too.  We will be learning as we go, but I am so pleased we can offer this to our families with wee ones.
Parents of toddlers, you can expect a couple of things: volunteers will have their criminal record checks completed, they are keen to do this – otherwise they wouldn’t have volunteered, there will be a sign in and out sheet for your toddler AND, one important detail, I am not asking the volunteers to take your child to the loo!  You can let us know where your child is at with toileting and we will arrange to bring the child to you if necessary to take them to the washrooms just inside the hall upstairs.
Church School:
It has been a full and happy start to church school these last two weeks of Fall.  We are exploring the events and stories of the Early Church and learning what it means to be followers of Jesus today.  Last week we used a big bucket of water and various items to explore what the movement of God’s Spirit may have looked like on the Day of Pentecost versus what we may likely experience since then.  We are working on a two part art project to define our space.  And, we are getting to know some of the new and returning faces.
Until the weather turns on us — which it has threatened to do already, we will always begin our morning outside.  It’s just so good to be in the cathedral of the outdoors!  So, please remember to send your son or daughter with a sweater or coat.  Thank you.
Also! I am working on updating our space a bit, so you will find a “Random Acts of Kindness” board in the classroom whereby children can select a card, give the act a go in their week, and then write or draw about what happened when they come back on Sunday.  (We’re looking at what it looks and feels like to be kingdom people.)  I’ve also created an info. section for parents/grandparents on one of the bulletin boards where you can find articles, activities or ideas in how to engage faith at home in your household.
We have had nine kids each Sunday, which is more than I expected, to be honest.  So!  I have also asked for a bit of help on Sunday mornings.  A couple of adults and a few youth have offered themselves to this and I am grateful.  It helps when we are doing an art activity or even for crowd control  If you would like to volunteer your time to either the toddlers or the kids, please let me know.
Finally, there will be no Church School or Toddler Room on Thanksgiving Sunday.  I will have the green bags topped up for the younger ones, “Guides through the Service” for the older ones, AND – I think there will be four baptisms that Sunday, so I am working together with Nissa to see how we can use the opportunity to teach the children in attendance about baptism and/or invite them to remember their own.  (If possible, I’d really like for them to come forward and sit with me on the floor.)
Always, let me know if you have questions or concerns or ideas!
I hope you all a happy weekend.  Hopefully the dust is beginning to settle in your households,
FFC at St. Michael’s