For many years now, it has been customary at St. Michael’s to put out a special request during the fall for contributions of food and/or dollars towards the ongoing ministry of our Cathedral Cupboard. If you can see your way towards some additional support in this regard, this would go a long way towards assisting us with the purchases we make to provide food for those from the local community who need our help.

Below is an example of our food costs and how far your dollars will go:

$10 will buy 1 flat of canned peas or 1 flat of canned corn

$15 will buy 2 tins of coffee or 4 bags of carrots

$20 will buy 17 cans of tuna

$25 will buy 1 large bag of skim milk power

$30 will buy 36 litre boxes of juice

$100 will buy all of the above

Thank You so much for considering helping in this way.