Summary From the Government of Canada:
The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls held its first engagement meeting in Ottawa on Friday, December 11, 2015. This pre-Inquiry meeting included survivors, families and loved ones. Their experiences, views and contributions will be used to inform the design of the Inquiry.The first engagement meeting opened and closed with traditional ceremonies. All those in attendance acknowledged and honoured the women and girls who were murdered and who are still missing. Prayers were also offered for those most affected by these tragedies.

Survivors, family members and loved ones gathered together in a large circle. They shared their personal experiences with violence against their daughters, sisters, cousins, and friends. The Ministers of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and Status of Women heard first-hand about the effects of this violence on the families and their communities. The Ministers also learned about the needs of the families and loved ones to move forward and to heal.  The need for healing came through as a clear and central theme throughout the day.

The participants stressed that the national Inquiry must be designed with their direct involvement. The participation of the survivors, families, loved ones is necessary if the Inquiry is to be meaningful. Participants also went through a list of specific questions and their answers clearly show the importance and value of having these voices heard.

Further information and detail on the Inquiry can be found at: Inquiry Into Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women