As Christians in the World

We believe that the story of the Good Samaritan (and other passages) makes very clear that our obligation is to everyone, not just our fellow-believers, and without expectation of return! Among the members of St. Michael’s it is quite remarkable how many are involved in the caring and helping professions, and how many volunteer in the community, and specially in the health and senior care areas. Others express the Christian ideal through membership in service clubs, or in providing leadership in sports, or in the arts. Parishioners really practice the ideal of being good neighbours.

Through individual donations by members, the parish is a significant contributor to the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, the world outreach arm of the Anglican Church of Canada. The PWRDF has programs in many parts of the world, working in partnership with the indigenous church in the area. These programs seek to bring about improvements in the areas of health, family, education, and spiritual development.

To the Community

For over fifty years a significant contribution to the community was maintained by the Cathedral through its Parish Hall. When built, it was the finest stage and the best gymnasium in the city! Even as other facilities appeared, it continued to be a major meeting place for groups that could not afford deluxe venues. The Cathedral congregation supplied the operating and maintenance budget for the Hall through these years.

For many organizations that operated with very small budgets, or were without operating funds, the Hall was provided free of charge. Groups included were the AA, young mothers groups, Inn from the Cold, and many others. In its last full year of operation, some forty-eight different organizations used the hall on some sort of scheduled basis.

Because of physical deterioration that could not be repaired, that old hall has been demolished, and we worked very hard to build a replacement. We look forward to once again being able to provide this facility in the heart of our city.

Finally, as means allow, St. Michael’s supports local groups who minister to the poor, like the Food Bank. The Cathedral provides vigorous support to the Inn from the Cold program that ministers to the needs of the homeless. The Outreach Committee maintains a “Cathedral Cupboard ” on Friday mornings from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, that provides emergency relief to individuals or families, once a month.

The parish would welcome your gift of time and of ideas for new fields of ministry “in the world”. Call our office at 762-3321.