Links to the Wider Community

Below we provide several links to other sites that may help you on your journey. Many are related to the Anglican Church in some way, and some go beyond that community. Not all are necessarily endorsed by the Anglican Church of Canada or St. Michael’s, but all are provided in an effort to give you insights that will be of help.

The Links

Ecclesiastical Province of BC and the Yukon –
Anglican Church of Canada –
Anglican Journal –
The Church of England –
The Episcopal Church –
The Anglican Diocese of Kootenay –
The Anglican Communion –
ReJesus –
Kelowna Inn From the Cold –
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada –
Anglicans Online –
Okanagan Anglican Youth Camp –
The Center For Progressive Christianity –
Who decides in the howling storm to make a small sleeping carpenter their captain?
A Progressive Christianity site (incl. Rev. Nissa Basbaum’s writing)