A READERS WORKSHOP FOR EVERYONE! There is a passage from Paul’s letter to the Romans which talks about the community of faith as being “one body in Christ.” This body has many members, each with gifts given according to God’s grace. For those whose gift it is to bring the Ministry of the Word to the people, comes the responsibility of giving life to those words so that people will listen and really hear the message. Whether we call it a gift, an art or a skill it is important that we always honour God by giving our best as leaders in worship. In order to accomplish this, we need to explore ways that will keep this valuable ministry injected with life, and not be taken for granted.

AN INVITATION In September, Norene Morrow will offer a two-hour workshop for current readers and others who are interested in learning more about this ministry, with a view perhaps to becoming new readers. Topics to be explored will include Reading as Ministry, Tips for Giving Life to Readings, How to Prepare a Reading, and Common Pitfalls. There will also be an opportunity to participate in some fun exercises that will give participants a chance to try out a number of the skills that they will learn. Two sessions will be offered. Please sign up for whichever date works best for you so that we have an idea of the numbers to expect.

The sign-up sheet is located on one of the tables near the entrance to the cathedral.

Here are the details: READERS WORKSHOP




ABOUT OUR WORKSHOP LEADER — Norene came to St. Michael’s in 2001 with her late husband and our former dean, Allan Reed, and their three children. She was music director for over 9 years and has been active in the life of the Canadian church for many years. Currently, she teaches voice and works at Kelowna Actors Studio where she has been a performer, an instructor, a vocal director, set decorator, and costumer since 2008. Norene was also a university and college voice instructor in Manitoba, Ontario and Tucson, Arizona for many years and has been a stage and vocal director with a number of theatre companies.